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Branding​ & Logo Design

Logo Design 

for Phillips West
Neighborhood Organization, 

logo abbreviated.png

In 2021 I designed a fresh new logo for my neighborhood organization, Phillips West. I incorporated elements from the previous design for continuity, but introduced an original shape based on the geographic boundaries of the neighborhood to encourage a strong sense of place. 

logo all lowercase.png

Event Branding

Upstream Arts'

The Art of We, 2019

In May 2019, I developed a visual brand for Upstream Arts' Annual Fundraiser, which including original logos, marketing materials, and event & activity signage developed in response to the organization's vision. 


The bold design encouraged attendance, garnered excitement ahead of time, and provided accessibility to attendees throughout the evening.

AoW 2019 Postcard FRONT.jpg
AoW 2019 Postcard BACK.jpg

Public Health Campaign Graphics

My graphic design class at St. Olaf College in 2017 was chosen to assist in creating graphics for Rice County Chlamydia Project's campaign to increase local testing and awareness. Below are a few of the design sketches that I brought to the group.

Screenshot 2017-03-03 at 1.01.43 PM_edit
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